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What is Conformation?

Conformation is the official name for "dog shows."

Why is Conformation important?

The bloodhound standard was created to maximize the ability to follow scent.  From the head to the tip of the tail the bloodhound is structured to maximize the ability to pick up scent and to travel for long distances without fatigue.  The very characteristics of temperament and personality that can sometimes make them challenging to live with are also part of their ability to successfully work a trail.  


Correct conformation means fewer injuries, better stamina, and a longer working life. Correct conformation is the cornerstone that allows the bloodhound to do the job we ask of them.  An incorrect bloodhound won't have the needed stamina on the trail and is more likely to have a shorter career as they may develop problems with their joints. 

Why should I show my bloodhound?

Dog shows are one important way we get feedback on our bloodhounds. As a breed club South Central holds Regional Specialties and strongly encourages participation in dog shows.  The conformation ring is a place to get an independent evaluation of your bloodhound, which is important for keeping the unique characteristics of our breed as close to our standard as possible while continuing to improve our breed.


Get involved! 

Dog shows are also a place to meet others who are committed to our breed.  For those who are new to the bloodhound breed, dog shows are a great place to learn from experienced, knowledgable people who can serve as mentors.


Our Specialties provide opportunities to socialize, learn, participate in raffles and auctions. They can just be loads of fun!

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