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All About the Bloodhound

Bloodhounds are great companion animals and wonderful working dogs!  Unfortunately, due to their size and strong-willed demeanor, too many of them end up in animal shelters or on the streets!  Please make sure a bloodhound is the right fit for you and your family before purchasing or adopting one.

Not sure if a Bloodhound is the right fit for you?  Here's some information about the breed to help you make the decision!

  • Personality:  Bloodhounds are generally sweet and even tempered.  They tend to do well with children and other dogs.  

  • Activity Level:  Bloodhounds, despite their depiction on TV shows, are very high energy dogs that require regular exercise.

  • Trainability: The bloodhound is notorious for being very stubborn.  Patience is the key when it comes to training a bloodhound and may require an experienced dog trainer.

  • General Care:  Prone to ear and skin problems, bloodhounds require regular bathing and ear cleaning.  They also shed a lot, so brushing is a must!  Some bloodhounds tend to drool more than others, so be prepared to deal with cleaning up after them!

  • Life Expectancy:  The average life expectancy of a bloodhound is between 7-10 years

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