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Foster Program

What is a foster?

Fosters are the backbone of the SCBC Rescue Program.  Our rescued bloodhounds are housed in foster homes that provide the love, socialization, training, and care to the bloodhounds in our program as they embark on their journey to finding their new home.  Fostering can be one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences!

What does it take to be a foster?

  • A completed foster application 

  • Like with our adoptive homes, we do require a yard with an above-ground fence

  • The majority of our bloodhounds go on to be companions or family pets.  We ask that our fosters make the bloodhounds in their care part of the family

  • Providing the basics- Our fosters provide food, bowls, crates, and any other items necessary for the daily care of fostered bloodhounds in their home

  • Basic training for the bloodhound to help them transition smoothly into an adoptive home

What does SCBC provide?

  • We cover all veterinary costs, heartworm prevention, and flea prevention

  • Our Rescue Director is available to help guide you through the foster process

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