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Article I.     Membership


I.  Eligibility. Individuals who are found to be in good standing with and ascribe to the purposes of the South Central Bloodhound Club (SCBC), the American Bloodhound Club (ABC), and the American Kennel Club (AKC) are eligible to apply and be granted membership in SCBC.


II. Levels of Membership.

A.  Individual or Family Membership shall be open to persons at least 18 years of age.
B.  Junior Membership shall be open to those under 18 years of age. The Junior Members shall enjoy all the privileges of membership except for voting or holding office.
C. Lifetime Membership may be granted by a 2/3 vote of the membership returning mailed ballots, to individuals who have instituted, performed, or accomplished some outstanding service in the interest of the Bloodhound, the ABC, or SCBC. Any member may nominate any individual for a Lifetime Membership.

D. The Board of Directors (BOD) may, at its discretion, waive the membership fee and grant a one year voting membership to individuals or classes of individuals as they deem appropriate.

III. Application to SCBC. Each applicant for membership shall apply on a form approved by the BOD and which shall provide that the applicant agrees to abide by the Constitution and bylaws of the SCBC and the ABC, and the rules of the AKC. The application shall state the name, address, and contact information of the applicant and it shall carry the endorsement of one current SCBC Member in good standing.  Accompanying the application shall be payment in the amount of the yearly dues.  Should the application be denied, the fee shall be returned in full to the applicant.

IV. Election to the Membership.

  1. Applicants may be elected by a simple majority vote of the BOD. This vote may be taken at a regular Board Meeting or by email.

  2. Applicants who have been rejected by the BOD may be presented by the applicant’s sponsor by petition.  Said petition shall be signed by five (5) members in good standing and presented to the Secretary by mail. A ballot with a Yes or No vote shall mailed to members in good standing within thirty (30) days of receipt of said petition. Ballots must be returned with a postmark of 6 PM CST thirty (30) days after the postmarked mailing of the ballot to be a valid vote. The Membership may vote to accept such applicant by a favorable vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the members who return a ballot.

V. Dues. Dues shall be set by the BOD except that Dues for Junior Members shall not exceed 50% of the Individual Member dues.

A. The Treasurer shall send to each member a statement of dues for the ensuing year by December 30 of the expiring year.
B. Annual dues shall be payable on or before March 31 of each year.

C. Changes for all dues must be finalized on or before January 1 of any given year in order to become effective for the ensuing year.

1. Lifetime Members shall be exempt from payment of annual dues.

D. A member whose dues are not paid for the current year by March 31 will be considered lapsed and may not vote or be granted any of the privileges of membership and must re-apply for membership to the Club.

VI. Member Vote.

A. Each individual Membership shall confer on vote on that member.
B. A Family Membership shall confer two (2) votes.  One Member of the Family Membership may not sign two (2) ballots or vote twice on an issue, two (2) votes from a Family Membership must carry two individual’s names.


VII. Termination of Membership by Resignation, Lapsing, or Expulsion.

A. Resignation. Any member in good standing may resign from the Club upon written notice to the Secretary.

1. No Member may resign when in debt to the Club. Dues obligations are considered a debt to the Club and they are incurred on the first day of each fiscal year.

B. Lapsing.  A membership will be considered lapsed and automatically terminated if such member’s dues remain unpaid as of April 1 of the fiscal year.

1. The Board may grant an additional ninety (90) days of grace to such delinquent members, in meritorious cases.  In no case may a Member be entitled to vote on any Club matter if his/her dues are unpaid as of the date of that vote.

C. Expulsion.  A membership may be terminated by expulsion as provided in Article VI  (IV) of these Bylaws.

Article II.    Officers and Directors

Board of Directors (BOD) shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three (3) Executive Directors. Officers and Executive Directors of the BOD shall reside within the Geographic Area of the Club.


A. Responsibilities. 

The BOD shall be responsible for the general management of the Club’s affairs and shall govern the Club through the provisions of these Bylaws. The BOD may issue policy directives for the purposes of Bylaws clarification or to establish detailed written procedure; provided, however, in no case shall such directives conflict or expand the intended scope of these Bylaws.

B. Term of Office. Officers and Directors shall be elected for a term of two (2) years.  They shall take office on January 1 of the year following their election.

1. Each retiring officer shall turn over to her/his successor in office all properties and records relating to that office prior to that date.
2. Elections of Officers and Directors shall take place as set out below:

a) President- Years ending in even numbers
b) Vice President- Years ending in odd numbers
c) Secretary- Years ending in even numbers

d) Treasurer- Years ending in odd numbers
e) First Executive Director- Years ending in even numbers
f)  Second Executive Director- Years ending in odd numbers
g) Third Executive Director- Years ending in even numbers

C. Duties of the Officers.

1. President. Preside at all meetings of the Club and Board of Directors; perform the duties and exercise the powers normally associated with the office of President in addition to those duties specifically mentioned in these Bylaws.
2. Vice President. Assume the responsibilities of the President in her/his absence. In the event of the President’s death, resignation or expulsion, the Vice President shall assume the title, duties and responsibilities of the President and shall serve in that capacity until the next annual election.
3. Secretary. Record and maintain a file of all Membership and BOD meetings. Maintain the official file of the Club documents, which consist of the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, Bylaws, Policy Directives (including Standing Rules), committee charters, membership roster and other such items as directed in writing by the BOD. This file shall be made available to the BOD at all meetings.  The Secretary shall transact the official correspondence between the Club and its Members and the Club and other individuals/organizations. This shall be accomplished in close coordination with the BOD. Specific responsibilities include:

a) All matters concerning Club membership applications.
b) Club meetings and election matters as specified in Articles III, IV, and V of these Bylaws.
c) All other duties as required which are normally associated with the position of Secretary.

4. Treasurer. Collect and hold in a bank account all money belonging to the Club. Pay Club debts from Club funds as directed by the BOD. The Club bank account shall be maintained under the name South Central Bloodhound Club, and funds may be withdrawn by the Treasurer, President, and other persons as approved and designated by the BOD. The BOD shall have approval of the Treasurer’s banking institution selection. The financial records of the Club shall be open to inspection by the BOD at all times, and at each Club Meeting the Treasurer shall report the status of Club finances, including each item of receipt or payment not previously reported. At the Annual Meeting the Treasurer shall summarize in a written report all money transactions for the year. The Treasurer shall make available to the Membership financial records in accordance with the governing State Laws of Texas and the IRS in a form approved by the BOD.  At the discretion of the BOD the Treasurer shall be bonded for an amount established by the BOD and the bond fee shall be paid by the Club.
5. Executive Directors. Executive Directors shall have duties related to the conduct of the business of the Standing Committees. These duties shall be assigned by the BOD at the first Board Meeting of the year.

D. Officer and Board of Director Vacancies. Any vacancy occurring during the year due to resignation or other reason shall be filled until the next Annual Meeting by a majority vote of a quorum of the current members of the BOD at its first regular meeting, following the creation of such vacancy, or at a Special BOD Meeting called for that purpose; except that a vacancy in the office of President shall be filled automatically by the Vice President.

E. Compensation. Persons serving in the capacity of an Officer or Executive Director of the Club shall do so on a voluntary basis and shall not be compensated for serving as an Officer or Executive Director of the Club for such service; provided, however, such persons may be reimbursed by the Club for certain receipted and/or documented expenses incurred in connection with the objectives of the Club.

Article III.  Meetings


I. Meetings. Meetings of the BOD shall be held at such times and places as are designated by the President or by a majority vote of the entire BOD. Written notice of other such meetings shall be communicated by email and/or mailed by the Secretary to each member of the BOD at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the meeting. The quorum for a BOD meeting shall be a simple majority of the sitting Board Members.  The BOD may conduct its business in person, by email, by postal mail, or by telephone.  All meetings regardless of how they are held shall be documented. A simple majority vote by members present shall constitute a valid vote except in cases where otherwise noted in these Bylaws.

A. Special Board Meetings may be called by the President or other Board Members in time sensitive or urgent cases. These meetings shall be kept to a minimum and used judiciously.  All members must be notified either by email or postal mail and there must be at least twenty-four (24) hours’ notice to the BOD.   The quorum and voting requirements for a Special Board Meeting shall be as described in Article III (I) of these Bylaws.


II. Annual Club Meetings.  The Annual Meeting shall be held between September 1 and November 1 within the Geographic Area. Members may attend the Annual Meeting in person or via other forums as decided by the BOD. Members shall be notified in the official meeting notification of the alternative attendance forums. Written notice shall be provided by email or postal mail to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting. Officers and Directors shall be elected at this meeting in accordance with Article IV (III)(A)(B) and (IV)(A) of these Bylaws and will assume office on January 1 of the following year.

III. Special Club Meetings. Special Club Meetings may be called when other than routine matters require general membership consideration or approval. These meetings may be called by the President, a majority vote of the BOD, or by the Secretary upon receipt of a petition signed by a minimum of ten (10) members in good standing. Meetings shall be held at a physical location within the Geographic Area or by telephone at the time and place designated by those authorized herein to call such meetings. Written notice stating the purpose shall be provided by email or postal mail to the membership a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting.

IV. Order of Business.

A. Membership Meetings.  At General Membership Meetings the order of business shall normally be as follows:

1. Call to Order by the President
2. Roll Call- including self-introductions and guests.
3. Minutes of previous meeting and Secretary’s report.
4. Treasurer’s Report.
5. Standing Committee Reports.
6. Special Committee Reports.
7. Old Business.
8. New Business.
9. Election of Officers and BOD if Annual Meeting.
10. Report of the President.
11. Adjournment.


B. Board of Directors Meetings.  At BOD Meetings the order of business, unless otherwise directed by a majority of those present, shall be as follows:

1. Call to Order by President.
2. Roll Call of those present.
3. Minutes of the last BOD meeting.
4. Treasurer’s Report.
5. Committee Reports.
6. Old Business
7. New Business.
8. Adjournment.

Article IV.  Club Year, Voting, Nominations, and Elections


I. Mailing and Notices. It shall be each Member’s responsibility to keep the Club’s Secretary notified of her/his

current address, telephone number, and email address. The terms “mail” and/or “notice” as used herein shall mean written notice deposited in the United States Mail with sufficient first class postage affixed thereon and addressed to the most recent physical address of the recipient or email to the most recent email address as maintained by the Club Secretary.

II. Club Year.

A. The Club’s Fiscal Year shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.
B. The Club’s Official Year shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.


III. Nomination and Election of Officers and Executive Directors.

A. Nomination of Officers and Executive Directors- No person may be a candidate in a Club election who has not been nominated in accordance with these Bylaws.

1. The Nominating Committee shall seek to nominate from among the willing and eligible members of the Club at least one (1) candidate for each position on the BOD, as specified in Article II (I), and shall procure the acceptance of each nominee so chosen before presentation to the BOD. The Nominating Committee shall consider the geographic representation of the Membership on the Board to the extent it is practicable. The Committee shall then submit its slate of candidates to the Secretary by June 1 for presentation and approval to the Board. The Nominating Committee may submit more than one name for a position.  The Secretary shall mail the list of approved and willing candidates, including the full name and name of the state in which the candidate presides, to each voting member of the Club on or before June 8 so that additional nominations may be made by members if they so desire.

a) The Nominating Committee shall send by mail or email a form to each voting member asking for interested parties to put forth their own name or other individuals who may have an interest in serving on the BOD.

2. Nomination by Members in Good Standing. Additional nominations of eligible members may be made by written petition addressed to the Secretary and received at the Secretary’s address postmarked on or before 6 PM CST July 8, signed by five (5) members in good standing and accompanied by the written acceptance of each such additional nominee signifying her/his willingness to be a candidate. No person shall be a candidate for more than one position, and the additional nominations which are provided for herein may be made only from among those members who have not accepted a nomination of the Nominating Committee.
3. Nominations cannot be made at the Annual Meeting or in any manner other than as provided above.

B. Election to Office-  If no valid additional nominations are received by the Secretary on or before 6 PM CST July 8 and the Nominating Committee has put forth only one name for each position, the Nominating Committee’s slate shall be declared elected at the time of the Annual Meeting, and no balloting shall be required or held. In the case that a balloted election is held in accordance with the provisions in Article IV (IV) (A), the person receiving the greatest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected.

C. Assumption of Office-  The candidates to the BOD as elected by the provisions in Article IV(C)(1)(2)(3) and IV(D) shall assume office as of January 1 of the year following the election.

1. If any nominee, at the time of the Annual Meeting, is not able to serve, for any reason, that position shall be declared vacant and the vacancy thereby created shall be filled by the BOD in accordance with Article II (D) of these Bylaws.


IV. Voting Procedures. Voting shall be limited to members in good standing.  Votes shall be by a simple majority of those present at a meeting with the following exceptions as provided for in these Bylaws: The Annual Election of Officers, Article IV (A); Amendments to the Constitution and/or Bylaws, Article VII (B); Disciplinary Action, Article VI (A) (1)(3); and other specific questions as presented by the BOD to the membership.

A. Election of Officers.  In the case where there is more than one (1) candidate for a position as per Article IV (III) (A)(1) (2) the Secretary shall, on or before July 31, mail to each member in good standing a ballot listing in alphabetical order all of the nominees for each contested position, including the name of the state in which such nominee resides, together with a blank envelope and a return envelope addressed to the Secretary marked “Ballot” and bearing the name of the member to whom it was sent. The ballots shall be returned postmarked on or before 6 PM August 30. So that ballots may remain secret, each voter, after marking her/his ballot, shall seal it in the blank envelope which, in turn, shall be placed in the second envelope addressed to the Secretary. The Election Committee shall check the returns against the list of members whose dues are paid for the current year prior to opening the outer envelopes and removing the blank envelopes, and shall certify the eligibility of the voters as well as the results of the voting, which shall be announced at the Annual Meeting.

Article V.    Committees

The BOD shall appoint committees as required by these Bylaws. The BOD may also appoint committees as necessary for any Club activity or function which shall benefit through committee effort. The specific committee formed may be either Standing (permanent) or Special (temporary), depending upon its purpose.  All committees shall be subject to the final approving authority of the BOD. Committees may only be terminated by a majority vote of the full sitting BOD. Any committee appointment may be terminated by a majority vote of the full sitting BOD upon written notice, either by email or postal mail, to the appointee. The BOD may appoint successors to those persons who have been terminated by a simple majority of a quorum of BOD Members present to vote.

A. Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall provide candidates for election of Officers and Executive Directors as described in Article IV of these Bylaws.

1. The Nominating Committee shall be Special Committee and shall be appointed by a simple majority of the BOD by May 15. The Nominating Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and two (2) other members, plus two (2) alternates. No more than one(1) member of the Nominating Committee may be on the BOD. No member of the BOD who is up re-election may serve on the Nominating Committee, except in circumstances where there is no BOD member who is not up for re-election. The Nominating Committee may conduct its business in person, by mail, email, or by telephone. All business shall be documented.

B. Election Committee. The Election Committee shall be responsible for administering the annual election to ensure its smooth and orderly completion. The Election Committee shall coordinate with the BOD, the Nominating Committee, and the Secretary to ensure adherence to deadline dates and election procedures established in these Bylaws.  The Election Committee shall administer the election and determine the final winners.  The Election Committee is a Special Committee and shall be appointed by the BOD. It shall consist of one (1) Chairperson, and one (1) other person plus one (1) alternate.  No person serving on the Election Committee may be on the ballot for that year.  The Election Committee may conduct business in person, by mail, email, or telephone. All business shall be documented.
C. Rescue Committee. The Club shall maintain a functioning Rescue Program at all times. The Rescue Committee shall be a Standing Committee and be responsible for coordinating Breed Rescue for the Region in accordance with the written Rescue Policy and Standard Operating Procedures. The BOD shall appoint a Rescue Director who shall oversee the day-to- day operations of Rescue and Chair the Rescue Committee. The BOD and Rescue Director shall attempt to find a member in good standing in each state of the region to serve on the Rescue Committee.  Should there be no member in the state willing to serve on the Rescue Committee the BOD and Rescue Director shall attempt to find members of other states, up to seven (7) committee members, to fill the vacancies.  The Rescue Director and Rescue Committee Members shall be appointed by a simple majority vote of a quorum of BOD members present. The Rescue Committee may conduct business in person, by mail, email, or telephone.  All business shall be documented.
D. Show, Trailing, and Education Committees.  The Club shall maintain strong Showing, Trailing, and Education Programs. The committees may be Standing or Special at the discretion of the BOD. The BOD shall appoint a Committee Chair for each committee. The Chair shall find as many interested individuals to serve on the respective committees as are interested. Appointment to a committee shall be approved by a simple majority vote of a quorum of BOD members present.


Article VI.  Discipline

I. Any SCBC member who is suspended from the privileges of the AKC or the ABC may be automatically suspended from this club for a like period with a 2/3 vote of a quorum of the BOD.


II. Charges Against an SCBC Member. Any Club member in good standing may prefer charges against another SCBC member for alleged misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Club or the Bloodhound Breed. Written charges with specific allegations shall be filed in duplicate with the secretary, together with a deposit of $100.00, which deposit shall be forfeited if such charges are not sustained by the BOD following a hearing. The Secretary shall, within seven (7) days of receipt of a complaint, send a copy of the charges, by mail or email, to each member of the BOD or present a copy of them at the next meeting of the BOD, providing that said meeting takes place within seven (7) days of receipt of the complaint. The BOD shall first consider whether the actions alleged in the charges, if proven, constitute behavior prejudicial to the best interests of the Club or the Breed.  Should the BOD entertain jurisdiction of the charges, it shall fix a date of a hearing by a majority of the BOD not less than three (3) weeks or more than six (6) weeks thereafter. The Secretary shall send one (1) copy of the charges and a notice of the hearing to the accused by certified mail within five (5) days of such determination.  The notice shall include a statement of assurance that the accused may personally appear in her/his own defense and bring witnesses if desired. This hearing may be conducted in person or by teleconference.

III. Board Hearing. The BOD shall have complete authority to decide whether counsel may attend the hearing, but both complaining party and accused shall be treated uniformly in that regard. Immediately after the BOD hearing of the allegations, the BOD shall go into closed session to consider the charges. Should the charges be sustained, after hearing all the evidence, the BOD may, by majority vote of those present, suspend the accused from all privileges of the Club for not more than six (6) months from the date of the hearing. Disposition of the charges must take place within seven (7) days of the hearing.  As soon as the BOD makes a decision the Secretary shall notify all of the parties involved of the BOD decision and penalty, if any. Parties to the charges may be informed by mail, email, or telephone but an official copy of the disposition of the charges shall be sent by certified mail to both the accuser and the accused within seven (7) days.

IV. Expulsion.  If the BOD feels suspension of privileges insufficient punishment it may recommend the penalty of expulsion to the Club Membership. In such case, the accused may appear before the membership at the ensuing Membership Meeting, where the Membership shall consider the BOD Recommendation.  Expulsion can only be accomplished at a Membership meeting following a BOD hearing and recommendation as provided in Article VI (III). A two-thirds (2/3) yes vote of the members present and voting shall be required for expulsion. Such proceedings may be held at a Special Meeting of the Club, the Annual Meeting, or a scheduled meeting of the Membership and shall be conducted within sixty (60) days, but not earlier than thirty (30) days, after the BOD recommendation of expulsion. The President shall read the charges and the BOD findings and recommendations. The President shall invite the accused to respond to the charges. The accused may appear on her/his own behalf, but no evidence shall be taken at this meeting. The membership shall then vote by secret written ballot on the proposed expulsion. If expulsion is rejected, the BOD shall suspend the accused for six (6) months. This Membership meeting may be held in person or by teleconference.

A. If the meeting is held by teleconference the Secretary shall mail to those attending a ballot to vote on the matter. Said ballot shall be mailed within five (5) days of the meeting and must be returned postmarked by 6 PM CST seven (7) days after the ballot was sent in the manner set out in Article IV (IV)(A).
B. If the meeting is held in a mixed venue of in person and by teleconference the members physically present shall mark a ballot. Members attending by teleconference shall receive ballots as described in (IV)(A) of this Article.  Ballots marked in person shall be held by the Secretary until such time as mailed ballots have been returned, at which time the Secretary shall scan and email the ballots to the BOD for a verification of the count. The BOD shall issue the result to the Membership by email and/ or mail and inform the accused by certified mail of the results within seven (7) days.

Article VII. Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws


I. Amendments to the Constitution and/or Bylaws may be proposed by the BOD or by written petition addressed to the Secretary and signed by twenty percent (20%) of the members in good standing. Amendments proposed by such petition shall be considered by the BOD at the next scheduled Board Meeting.

II. Proposed changes to the Constitution or Bylaws, whether by petition or BOD initiation, shall be presented to the Membership by way of publication in the Club Newsletter and by postal mail to all members in good standing with BOD recommendations.    Amendments by petition shall be presented to the Membership within forty-five (45) days of receipt by the Secretary.


III. Members in good standing shall have thirty (30) days after publication of amendments to offer comments or suggestions to a Bylaws/Constitution Committee or the BOD, at the discretion of the BOD, through the Secretary.

IV. Amendments presented by petition shall be submitted, with BOD recommendations, to Members in good standing for a vote within thirty (30) days after the close of the comment period.

V. Voting shall be carried out by mailed ballot to Members in good standing at the time of the mailing. A copy of the proposed amendment(s), with the ballot, shall be mailed by the Secretary in accordance with procedures outlined in Article IV (IV)(A). The cut-off date of return for marked ballots shall be a postmark of 6 PM thirty (30) days after the ballot is mailed. Any ballot postmarked after that time shall be invalid.

A. Ballots shall be counted by the Secretary and two (2) members in good standing who are not on the BOD or who served on the Bylaws/Constitution Committee for the changes being voted on.

1. Should there not be two (2) Members in good standing in close enough proximity to the Secretary to be physically present the BOD may select up to two (2) Members of the community to serve to count the votes with the Secretary.

B. A favorable vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the returned ballots shall be required to pass any amendments.
C. Results of the vote shall be mailed by postal service to all members in good standing, posted in the next regularly emailed newsletter, and shall be posted on the Club web-site.
D. All returned envelopes, whether received in time to be counted or not, as well as all counted ballots, shall be retained by the Secretary for a period of thirty (30) days after the stated cut-off date.
E. Any Member in good standing may request to see a copy of all returned envelopes and counted ballots at any time up to the end of that thirty (30) day period.
F. After thirty (30) days the Secretary shall discard the envelopes.  Ballots shall be retained either physically or electronically as decided by the BOD.


VI. The Constitution and/or Bylaws may be amended at any time, provided all provisions in these Bylaws for amendment have been met.

Article VIII. Dissolution of the Club

The Club may be dissolved at any time by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Members in good standing. Whether the dissolution is voluntary or involuntary, none of the Club property or assets of any kind may be distributed to any Club members. After payment of the Club debts, the remaining of the property and/or assets shall be given to a charitable organization, selected by the BOD, which shall benefit bloodhounds. This donation shall be in strict compliance with the United States Internal Revenue Code and the Laws of the State of Texas, and shall in no way affect the tax liability of any person on the BOD without that person’s full knowledge and consent.

Amended December 2014

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