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South Central Bloodhound Club, Inc. has a fully-functional rescue

program dedicated to keeping bloodhounds within our region off

of the streets and out of animal shelters.


About Our Program:

  • Bloodhounds in our program are fostered in homes, where they are integrated as part of the family, learn basic training/manners, and temperament tested to help identify the best possible home for their placement

  • Our Bloodhounds come to their adopters after being fully evaluated by a veterinarian, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped

  • Our Rescue Director works diligently to pair bloodhounds in our program with applicants to ensure the best match possible

  • SCBC's rescue program is run off of donations from our members and supporters

Adoption Requirements:

  • In order to be considered as an adopter a completed application is needed so that we can fully evaluate the prospective home

  • Due to the natural desire of bloodhounds to wander, we do require an above-ground fenced yard  

Adoption Fees:

  • Bloodhounds Under 6 Months of Age- $350

  • Bloodhounds 6 Months to 6 Years of Age- $250

  • Bloodhounds Over 6 Years of Age- $100

*Please note that we occasionally have bloodhounds in our program that are deemed special needs due to medical conditions or other reasons, and at the discretion of the Rescue Director, those adoption fees may be reduced.

Rescue Contact:  

If you have additional questions about our Rescue Program, please don't

hesitate to reach out!

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